Tips to Clean Your Leather Furniture Gently

by SteamPro Carpet Cleaning


Your leather couch or chair must be something you can take pride in. After all, you invested in it for a reason! You wouldn’t want your leather furniture to look worn off or dull anytime soon.  For this, all you need to do is take regular care of it.


Over time, your leather furniture might get dull because of the exposure to daily dirt, dust, and traffic. To avoid this and increase its life, you must pay great heed to maintenance and cleanup.

If you live in Long Island, you can use the professional services for leather upholstery cleaning in Long Island, New York. Or you can take care of your furniture and clean it on your own.

Below are some leather upholstery cleaning tips:

· Focus on Regular Cleaning

It’s the everyday dirt and dust that makes your leather upholstery or furniture dull and lose its newness. It is essential to pay attention to the regular cleaning of your leather furniture.

You can use your vacuum cleaner with a soft brush extension to get rid of accumulated dirt or crumbs from the leather furniture. If you don’t have a soft brush extension that comes with your vacuum cleaner, you can simply dust your couch or chair off with a microfiber cloth.

In case of excessive dirt, you can slightly dampen the cloth and use it to clean your furniture as it will effectively absorb imbedded particles and leave your furniture shiny and clean.

If you have old leather furniture that needs a deep cleaning, you can call professionals delivering services in leather upholstery cleaning in Long Island, New York. They get the work done quickly and more effectively.

· Act on Spills as Soon as Possible

If you eat often while sitting your leather couch or chair, chances are you might spill your food or drinks. Well, accidents happen! To prevent them from causing harm to your leather furniture, work on them as soon as you can!

For liquid spills, absorb all the liquid with a soft cloth so that it doesn’t seep inside the leather. Being porous in nature, leather usually absorbs liquid spills which is a great cause of damage.  For an effective leather upholstery cleaning, get rid of the spilled food quickly to avoid permanent harm.

· Get Rid of Stains

If your leather furniture has stains, you must also act on them fast before they set in. To get rid of stains like ink, you can use a damp cloth dabbed in rubbing alcohol and scrub it gently on the spot. Then you can dry it using a dryer at a low setting.

For oil or grease, avoid using water. Simply wipe the stain off with a dry cloth. Stains like blood and other dark food stains can be treated using a mix of tartar cream and lemon juice. Leave it for about 10 minutes and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. 

If the stains are stubborn and resistant, you can call the professionals delivering leather upholstery cleaning services.

With these easy tips, you can keep your leather furniture fresh and clean for a long time. Always follow up and save your furniture from further damage down the road!