Stop Committing These 5 Tile and Grout Cleaning Mistakes

by SteamPro Carpet Cleaning


It is very hard to keep tile and grouts clean and new looking for many years to come. Cleaning tile and grout does not take more than one hour per week. Most homeowners prefer tile and grout because of their durability and impeccable water resistance. They are not damage proof by any means. They require full care. Improperly maintained tile and grout are always subject to a number of problems as listed below:

·         Dullness

·         Stains

·         Mildew

·         Corrosion

Today’s article has been written with the objective of educating homeowners about some tile and grout cleaning mistakes to avoid to ensure your surfaces maintain their grace for a longer period of time. Be careful and avoid all of the following tile and grout cleaning practices:

·         Application of caustic cleaning agents

·         Hard scrubbing

·         Unplanned stain cleaning

·         Zero protection for tiles

·         Wrong routine cleaning

·         Over wetting

·         Inferior care

Let’s how these mistakes can spoil the personality of your building and what you can do about it.

1.       Application of caustic cleaning agents:
Application of caustic cleaning agents is not advised by experienced tile and grout cleaning professionals in Long Island. You must avoid bleach and ammonia-based solutions not manufactured for tile and grout cleaning. Application of milder solutions is always a wiser thing to do.  Always follow the instruction of the manufacturer.

2.       Hard scrubbing:
Tile and grout need care as much as the rest of your house interior. Hard scrubbing is a bad cleaning practice. Moreover, the use of steel wool or any other abrasive powder will remove the finish of the tile. As a result, it will become dull and prone to damage.

3.       Unplanned stain cleaning:
Allowing stains to remain on tile and grout only results in discoloration. You must clean all of these stains as quickly as possible. It very easy to do and tile cleaning service providers in Long Island, New York are just a phone call away!

4.       Zero protection for tiles:
Most homeowners place heavy objects such as plants, tables and sofa legs on their tile floor without any furniture protection on the bottom that helps protect tiles. Caulking also helps protect tiles exposed to water. Most importantly, protect your grout with sealing against damage and spills. Furthermore, some homeowners don’t clean their shoes on the doormat lying outside of their house. This small mistake brings a lot of dirt inside and damages grout. This is exactly where grout cleaning service in Long Island, New York can help homeowners maintain grout.

5.       Wrong routine cleaning:
The experts at Grout Cleaning Service Long Island, New York advice mopping with a soft cloth and using the vacuum at least once a weak.  Remember, using the vacuum’s beater bar on your tile floor is a big mistake. Make sure you have a vacuum capable of switching the beater bar off or else brushing carefully is the only good option for saving your tile and grout from any damage. Don’t be harsh with your tile and grout.

6.       Over wetting:
Over wetting is a huge mistake commonly committed by most homeowners? Don’t over wet your tile with water under any circumstances because tap water minerals cause discoloration or stains on tile. Make use of soft cloth and wipe it off quickly. It is important that you call a Long Island grout cleaning professional to do the job to perfection and restore the personality of your tile. 

Take a minute to assess! See if you are committing any or all of these mistakes that eventually will burn a big hole in your pocket. Seeking professional services and taking care of little things can increase the life of your tile and grout.