Renew Your Wood Floors with a Professional Floor Cleaning Company

by SteamPro Carpet Cleaning


Wood flooring can be expensive; however, maintaining them may put a burden on your pocketbook. It is obvious that over time, the appearance of your wood floors can become dull due to wear and tear caused by the pets, spills, traffic, high heel shoes and furniture.

Reviving the floors is a great option as it will not break the bank on costly sanding and refinishing. Availing oneself of a professional hardwood floor cleaning service in NY is a less pricey alternative. The experts believe that their clients’ satisfaction is of utmost importance and, thus, they work with full dedication to deliver unsurpassing results. They use specially-formulated cleaning products and professional equipment to make the ultimate durability. These eco-friendly products can easily eliminate dirt, dust, oil and other contaminants that can damage wood floors.

A reliable wood floor cleaning company in Plainview has extensive expertise and can easily work with all floor surfaces. The proficient staff understands all the complexities associated with hardwood floor cleaning and keeps them in mind while delivering the best cleaning solution to the client. They can the dirt from deep within the cracks and gaps of your hardwood floors. Experience the improved air quality and circulation by eliminating the dust within your hardwood floors.

Wood floor cleaning service providers use a high-speed rotary brush and a proprietary cleaning solution to reach hard dirt and froth. The technicians clean the floor, mop trapped dirt, and a powerful vacuum extracts filth and other impurities. They restore the pH balance to the floor with a professional grade and environmentally-friendly wood cleaner, which can commendably capture any remaining dirt and residue. Their complete procedure is low-odour, non-poisonous and dust-free.

Wood floor cleaning service companies in Long Island take the hardwood floor cleaning process a step further by adding their exclusive maintenance coat solution. After the hardwood floors are cleaned, the professionals apply a fast-drying maintenance coat for an even shine to extend the life of your floor. It is essential for you as well to protect the floor. Follow the below tips for the long life of your flooring system:

·  Preserving- Vacuum or sweep floors regularly to eliminate dust accumulation and stains. Avoid using wax, oil soap, and other industrial household cleaners as they can degrade the hardwood surfaces and make cleaning more difficult.

·  Remove spills- Keep indoor/outdoor mats at entryways so people can brush the dust from their footwear. Also, place rugs in high traffic areas. Avoid rubber-backed or poor ventilation rugs

·  Maintain steady humidity levels to prevent floors from shrinking, swelling, cracking, or revealing gaps. Also, avoid dragging furniture across hardwood floors.

When it comes to cleaning a hardwood floor, it is best to call the professionals as they can deliver unparalleled services to you. They have been working in the cleaning industry for many years, and know the most appropriate cleaning solution for the individual’s flooring system.

Their natural and chemical-free finishes and sealers safeguard your wood flooring investment, provide faster dry times and have less harmful impact on the environment.